Customer Service System-Various Available Options, And Which Is The Best One?



In traditional times, people used to have just a single mode of contacting the customers. But as the technology advanced, the mode of contacting the customers increased. As a result, there are various channels like email, chat, video, and phone calls available with the agents to create a link with the customers.


Here the question that arises in the person's mind is Which customer service system is better? To get the answer to this question, first of all, a person must have the detail regarding the various types of services available:


Email customer service


In 1971 this method was used for the first time by a person. These days, thousands of emails are sent and received by people from all over the world. Among the various types of services available, most people consider email as the most professional option. The best thing regarding this mode is that it costs nothing to the person. As this is the Customer service system construction that person can use sitting at their comfort place only, so they get a lot of time to respond the queries of the customers.


Benefits of using these services:


  • Records remain maintained for the more extended period.
  • Using the email signature makes the mail look professional
  • A person can easily attach the required videos and documents.


Live chat customer services.


In the current scenario, the channel that has made a good place in society is the live chat customer service. As per the complete research and analysis, it is believed that the live chat customer services are some per cent cheaper than the phone calls. As in the case of the live chat, a person can contact a more number of customers at a point in time in a perfect manner.


This is known to provide the fastest response time to the customers. However, proactive customer support service can be provided even with this mode. For example, if we talk about online shopping, if the customers have added the items to the account but have not purchased yet, then with this form, we can contact the customers and ask them whether any assistance is required or not.


Benefits of the live chat customer service


  • Agents can handle multiple customers at a point in the time
  • Assist the customer in real-time and increase the number of the customers
  • The window can be opened on the website, and the customization options can be explored


Phone customer service


This is the oldest form of the customer service that is used by most agents. Most of the companies use the phone as the source of clearing the queries of the customers as this is within reach of all the people living in the different parts of the world. No matter you start with the communication with which mode, at last, you have to shift to phone only for the clarification.


Hopefully, after getting an idea about the various options, you can answer the question: Which customer service system is better?